Tanmujiang Wooden Comb Carving: Chongqing Crafting Tradition

Tanmujiang Wooden Comb Carving: Chongqing Crafting Tradition

There is a secret gem of traditional carving called the Tanmujiang wooden comb carving. The skill of color decoration, engraving, lacquering, and gold gilding have all been combined in this one-of-a-kind craft, which is why it has been named an intangible cultural treasure of Chongqing municipality.

Tanmujiang Wooden Comb Carving: Making art out of combs: a touch of tradition

Tanmujiang Wooden Comb Carving: Chongqing Crafting Tradition

Artists cut complicated designs into the combs using special woods like boxwood, ebony, or sandalwood. There are characters, flowers, and birds among these patterns, which turn ordinary combs into works of art with aesthetic values that go beyond the usual.

Tanmujiang Wooden Comb Carving: Welcome to Yu Dahong, a master in the making.

Yu Dahong is one of the best wood comb carvers in Tanmujiang. He is a skilled artist and a living example of this traditional art form. Yu started to carve wood when he was only 13 years old, in 1989. After more than 30 years of hard work, he is now a master artist who has won many medals at the national and local levels for his amazing comb works of art.

Yu Dahong’s Mission: A Passion for Preserving

Yu Dahong is still making beautiful comb works of art, but his whole heart is focused on keeping this old skill alive and making it better. As a representative heir, he feels a strong duty to teach the next generation of artists what he has learned.

“As an heir, it’s up to me to pass on the crafts,” Yu says with pride. He is dedicate to more than just his own success; he also wants to make sure that the practice of carving Tanmujiang wooden combs continues for years to come.

Making Plans for the Future: Leaving a Legacy

Yu Dahong works hard to keep the Tanmujiang wooden comb carving tradition alive through study, preservation, and new ideas. He teaches his skills and knowledge to apprentices so that the fine art and cultural importance don’t fade away over time.

Yu’s goal isn’t just to make pretty combs. It’s also to leave a memory that links the past, present, and future. Because he works hard and loves what he does, he is building a group of craftsmen who will keep the Tanmujiang wooden comb carving practice alive for future generations.

Tanmujiang Wooden Comb Carving: In the end, a crafty legacy lives on.

Through the work of artists like Yu Dahong. The Tanmujiang wooden comb carving custom lives on in the middle of Chongqing. Yu makes sure that these beautiful comb artworks continue to capture people’s hearts. Also thoughts by passing on his skills and dedication to the craft. He does this by connecting tradition and modernity. The Tanmujiang wooden comb is more than just an everyday item; it’s a sign of skill and cultural heritage that lives on in the hearts and hands of passionate heirs like Yu Dahong.