Guinevere Hard to Beat: What Made Guinevere Weak

Guinevere Hard to Beat: What Made Guinevere Weak

When she’s at the top of the EXP lane, Guinevere might be hard to beat in Mobile Legends. In the beginning of the game, her Spatial Migration and Energy Wave combo can be very strong. But don’t worry—we know three heroes who will make her regret messing with you.

Let’s talk about Guinevere Kryptonite first, then move on to the heroes. The most important thing is that her Spatial Migration was off. Once she smells that, she’s pretty much safe and won’t be in any real danger. Let’s meet the people who will make things right.

Guinevere Hard to Beat: Helcurt: The Killer Without a Name

You must agree that Guinevere adores her Spatial Migration and Violet Requiem pair. Meet Helcurt, the man who stops that. Any enemy that tries to stun Helcurt for 1.5 seconds will be unable to speak because of his Race Advantage.

When Guinevere starts Spatial Migration, she won’t be able to play Violet Requiem right after. You have the upper hand. To get her even more quiet, use Dark Night Falls and Shadow Transition. Then, use Deadly Stinger to finish the job. Also, don’t forget to use Petrify as your battle spell. It will help you send her back to base.

Guinevere Hard to Beat: Benedetta: The Quick Kille

Because Benedetta is so sneaky, you never see them coming. She moves quickly with Swordout Slash, which makes it hard for Guinevere to hit her Magic Wave and Spatial Migration. It doesn’t matter if Guinevere hits Spatial Migration; Benedetta can just use An Eye For An Eye and Alecto: Final Blow to get back at her.

Remember that Guinevere is least strong when she doesn’t have Spatial Migration, so use that to your advantage. When her skills are off, go all-in, and watch her feel bad about facing Benedetta.

Chou: The Master of Tricks

When you need to fight Guinevere, Chou is the person to go to. Because of his Jeet Kune Do, he can avoid most of Ms. Violet’s moves, which makes him hard to hit. Putting Chou to sleep? Good luck with that, because his Shunpo makes him immune to forces that control crowds.

Chou can quickly use Jeet Kune Do again if Guinevere tries to run away after Spatial Migration. Since the downtime is short and he has Way of Dragon, he can deal the death blow. Even early in the game, a good Chou player can dance around Guinevere, making her feel bad about going into the ring.

Finally, pick your hero and beat Guinevere.

These are the three heroes in Mobile Legends who will make Guinevere think twice before she does something bad. Helcurt, Benedetta, and Chou can all stop Guinevere at any move because they each have their own special skills. Step up and show Guinevere who’s boss! Choose your AGENGACOR  hero and hit the lanes!